A new psychospiritual understanding known as the “Three Principles” proposes that people can realise and sustain improved mental health via insights gained through understanding the spiritual principles of “Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought” (Banks 1998, p21-63).

Banks suggested an alternative to the Freud-based psychoanalytical (Freud, 1917/50) and cognitive-based psychotherapies (Alford & Beck, 1997; Litt, 2003) adopted by Psychiatrists and psychologists globally, including the National Health System in the UK.



These methods teach practitioners to revisit their clients’ painful past and attempt to change the person’s thinking, feelings and experiences around a traumatic experience, teaching them coping strategies, rather than teaching clients to release memories from the past and replace negative, damaging thoughts with positive, more productive thoughts, resulting in “Health Realisation” (HR) or Three Principle Understanding (3PU).

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