Qi Gong Exercises & 1:1 Healing

Bespoke online exercise classes available on request. 

1:1 Qi Gong Healing is beneficial to clear blockages causing all sorts of body ailments, from stress to chronic illness.

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Dr Margo Livingston has been performing 1:1 Qi Gong Healing sessions and group Qi Gong exercise classes at my surgery since September 2013.

She is a highly professional and extremely well qualified Doctor of Immunology as well as a highly skilled Qi Gong Healer and Practitioner. The clients she has worked with personally have all seen improvement in their medical conditions, with some, completely healed and requiring no further medication. All have experienced increased calmness and a feeling of peace and tranquility, leading to a natural state of well-being.

Those who have attended her Qi Gong exercise classes have felt invigorated, relaxed and more energized following each session with varying degrees of sensation indicating their connection to the energy of their bodies. This form of exercise leads to health improvements over the longterm.

Dr Livingston is a unique practitioner due to her combination of traditional medical expertise and research and her comprehensive knowledge of the alternative medical approach to healing and well-being. I would recommend her as a healer and practitioner in Qi Gong without reservation.


Yours sincerely,


Dr Natasha Mala

Veramedica Medical Centre

Kissonerga, Cyprus