Emotion is Energy and, your Emotions determine your Reality!

To be Sick or, To be Healthy – That is the Question?

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Emotions, just like your thoughts, are energy. Positive emotions like happiness, joy, gratitude, love, forgiveness, appreciation, have a positive effect on the biochemistry of your body. Conversely, negative emotions like worry, anxiety, anger, hatred, depression, revenge, have a negative effect. Stress is endemic in the Western world and causes the body’s natural homeostatic mechanisms to become out of balance. Long-term stress is basically a killer as your body can only adjust for so long to the negative effects such as - a depressed immune system, lack of adequate circulation, poor digestion, insomnia, underperforming body systems – before succumbing to ill health and even death. People who live longest generally have a nutritious diet, sufficient exercise and a happy, loving outlook on life. Happiness and sustained positive emotions help to open the energy channels in your body so much so that actual gene expression changes towards healing, reproduction, longevity and a strong immune system.

When you are stressed, constantly angry, resentful, seeing the worst in every situation, this generates a lot of energy in the form of heat. This energy gets stuck in the liver, heart, digestive system and illness develops over many years. Qi Gong heals your body by naturally opening up blocked channels, re-creating flow and harmony. It helps lift our mood so that we feel peace and joy. The more positive emotions we feel, the happier our bodies become. It is a choice – whether we choose positive or negative emotions. Our emotions become habitual and thus, determine our reality. Many people spend most of their lives in stress, fear, worry, discontentment. They are in a kind of negative trance, not seeing good in anything and expecting the worst to happen. If you consciously focus on more positive emotions, start with simple gratitude, start each day with gratitude for 20 things in your life. Then work up to happier emotions like forgiveness, love and joy. Make it your intention, during this enforced time of reflection, to make your thoughts, and therefore, your life, happier! Have you noticed that your emotions affect those around you also? Other people become sad or angry like you. You don’t want to spend time with a negative person if you are happy and positive – the energy just doesn’t feel right! People are attracted to happy, joyful personalities. They enjoy being close to that energy. So, if you feel depressed or fed up, think about what this is doing to your body and those around you, those you love? You owe it to yourself to raise your mood by thinking happy thoughts, doing things that make you feel good, noticing the beauty of nature all around you. Even plants are affected by negative emotion. They thrive in happy homes, filled with love. After all – plants are just energy also. Our bodies are more than 70% water, as is our planet.

Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, conducted ground-changing experiments on water in his book “The Hidden Messages of Water” almost twenty years ago. He photographed frozen water crystals several hours after simply writing a word, positive or negative on the front of a beaker of water, prior to freezing. Emoto discovered that the water crystals with positive emotions written on their beaker like “love”, “appreciation”, “hope”, “joy” were totally exquisite, symmetrical and a joy to behold! The water in the beakers with negative emotions written on them, such as “hate”, “fear”, “anger”, in contrast, were distorted, unsymmetrical and, almost toxic! So, if this is happening in an experiment, imagine what it might be doing to your body if you live in the mindset of negativity? Imagine how healthy your body will be if you think lovely, happy thoughts on a regular basis?

Your purpose in life is to find joy and happiness. You can use Qi Gong to heal your body using the 5 elements mentioned in my previous blog. Different parts of the body represent the different elements described in Feng Shui such as earth (stomach and pancreas), water (kidneys), metal (lungs), fire (heart) and wood (liver & gall bladder). These elements and body areas also reflect the seasons. Spring relates to the liver area, summer to the heart, stomach and small intestines, autumn, to the lungs and winter, to the kidneys. Hence, both the environment and, your own body, are represented by the five elements used in the optimisation of Feng Shui for positive, healthy energy flow. As within, so without.

As you can see from this chart, if you start with your liver and follow the flow clockwise, the liver and gall bladder are “green” and represent the element wood (think of green leaves). The liver is where the emotion of happiness resides. If you are angry, you cannot feel happy and this anger displaces the positive emotion with the negative emotion of anger. Long-term anger will affect the health of your liver and gall bladder. This is initiated by a blockage in the energy flow within your liver and, takes many years of negativity to develop. Your liver energy should be positive, happy, healthy energy which flows to the heart, depicted in red. This energy should be envisaged as “rose pink”, represented by the element fire and this is where the positive emotion of joy lives. If you feel persistent feelings of the opposite of joy, the negative emotion of hatred, this displaces the positive energy flow in your heart and causes a blockage. Included in your heart energy channel are: your brain; the colour of your face; your tongue; thyroid and small intestines. Blockages in the heart can manifest in any of these areas as illness, over time.

Continue now to the stomach, spleen, pancreas, joints, muscles, lips – depicted in yellow, representing the element earth. This area is where the positive emotions of peace and groundedness live. The negative emotion which can replace this is persistent worry and overthinking. The energy from here then flows to the lungs, represented by the element metal and visualised as white energy in the lungs. The positive emotion of contentment or appreciation resides in the lungs. This can be replaced by the negative emotion of sadness and depression (grief) creating illness in the lungs or large intestine. The final energy system, flowing from the lungs, is in the kidneys, represented by the element water and envisaged as dark blue energy. The kidney system includes your hair, ears, bones and bone marrow, female breasts, adrenal glands, kidneys, bladder, reproductive organs and anus. Positive thoughts of gratitude boost your kidney energy whereas negative thoughts of fear, deplete this energy. The kidneys are vital as, when you are born, your energy enters your body via your kidney channel and, as you get chronically sick and head towards death, your energy leaves via this channel.

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