Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Immunology & Public Health Consultant

Eclectic, unique Public Health, Immunology, Wellbeing and Advanced Nursing Consultant, Mental Health Therapist and Holistic Practitioner.
Many years developing skills in traditional (BSc/PhD Immunology; MSc Advanced Professional Practice) and alternative medicine & clinical research, personal development, personal training, and natural energetic healing (personal and environmental), teaching and lecturing, have moulded me into a rare, multi-faceted specialist. My work enables me to help clients with physical and mental problems to be treated using traditional methods and, longer-term, to be shown how to heal themselves from the inside-out and begin to understand how their body and mind work in harmony to create optimal health, happiness and wellbeing. Specialist in public health advice, nutrition and mind/body energetics to optimise weight and energy production for perfect health.

*Free consultations on Corona Virus #CoV-19 and the disease COVID-19

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Personal health clinics/consultations available online and in person in UK and mainland Europe, including consultation, diagnosis and plan of care. Licensed non-medical prescriber.


*Introductory price on online consultations - contact me for details

How Does it Work?

  • Assessment - patient history of presenting complaint; past medical history; social history; family history; medication review; any allergies; body systems review.

  • Examination of any problem areas through questioning and visualisation. 

  • Impression of ailment discussed with patient and diagnosis decided.

  • Plan of Treatment and any required medication decided.

  • Follow up advice as agreed.