I'm an Immunologist, public health & wellbeing consultant, advanced nurse practitioner (ANP), philanthropist and Psychotherapist. Despite having a classical academic background, through my own life circumstances I also sought answers to Universal questions, realising that our souls are pure, joyful and omnipotent. We all have an endless power within and around us, which we can mould and perfect into anything we wish. The only thing stopping us from succeeding in every and any area of our lives - is ourselves, namely, our learnt ego-mind. We get confused as we grow up in childhood by our peers, "teachers", parents, society, to believe what others think and, thereby, what these unwitting and confused individuals, expect us to think. Up until around age 9, we are still more connected to our Universal soul than we are to this earth. After that, we start believing what we are constantly being told and begin to let our ego minds take over from our own impeccable, innate, solar wisdom.


We hold onto beliefs which do not serve us, via these early experiences, such as I'm not good enough; no-one loves me; I'll never find love; I couldn't possibly succeed. We don't even realise we are doing it unless, after many repeat disasters in our lives, we finally notice that we are following the same behaviour patterns over and over and, madly, expecting a different result!


My understanding of these dynamics constantly playing in our minds, led me to find the wisdom I was seeking through various inspirational authors such as Abraham Hicks, Chunyi Lin, Marianne Williamson; Echart Tolle; Michael Beckwith, Byron Katie and Sydney Banks. What I realised was, that all these people were saying the same thing, portraying the same universal message in their own different ways - that we are all love, we are all connected through our energy to each other and all things - now and forever. We can resist this truth and go our own way in life, believing that we are all separate, all competing for finite resources and, especially, that we are unable to direct our own lives. Society would have us believe that we are dealt a hand in life and are powerless to alter its course. We are taught that life "happens to us", from the outside-in not "through us", from the inside-out.

The reverse is actually the truth - life happens through us, from the inside-out. We mould and create our own realities through our thoughts  - good or bad, knowingly or unknowingly. This realisation can only come when we, as individuals, wake up from the dream we have been living and see the truth. This truth sets us free, allows us to go back to that place we know, deep in our hearts and, the place we have been desperately been trying to get back to since we forgot it back when we were children. It gives us renewed hope, clarity, focus and the ability to make changes in our lives for the better, in every aspect of our lives.


It is this knowingness, certainty and love which spurs me to try and help all those people who have become physically ill or, lost their way in life through mental health issues or addiction and to help them see the truth - that they are perfect, flawless beings of love. They are not sick or irreparably damaged. They can recover and have a meaningful, happy and fulfilled life.



About Me

My Approach to Mental Health

The purpose of this work is to help facilitate the mental process of leading people back to being their true selves; to help people, young and old, release the damaging thoughts which keep them addicted and feeling worthless; to show them they are flawless and beautiful underneath and help them gain a clearer view about themselves, their circumstances and life itself; to allow them to use this newfound vision to experience joy, peace and happiness; to help them step by step to redesign their lives in every aspect and move forward as a healthy, positive individual, however that may unfold; to experience their own innate, inner  power and use it in a positive way; to help people Forgive yourself and learn that their thoughts aren’t real – they can choose to ignore negative thoughts and act only on good ones. This realization brings a great sense of relief and hope.



My Approach to Physical Health & Wellbeing

As a qualified advanced nurse practitioner, I can hold physical or online consultations, diagnose illnesses and form a treatment plan, including medication advice and holistic healing if required. As an immunologist and Public Health Advisor, I can advise on global health issues and deliver a scientific synopsis of current affairs such as the Corona Virus Outbreak #coronaoutbreak #DrMargo

Most people view life as an outside-in process, i.e. they think they are powerless to control their lives and are just a victim of circumstance. This belief is flawed as the wisdom and guidance we seek is already within us. We have to learn to look within and see life as an inside-out process. This is the only way we can control our lives in the true sense and become co-creators of our destiny, using our inner guidance system. The Secret lies Within


Specializing in Three Principles Addiction Treatment

“You are one thought away from complete mental health” Sydney Banks, The Three Principles, 1985


The Sanctuary is a haven for addicts to come and chat informally in order to help them realise that they are not flawed, not a failure but simply in the habit of allowing themselves to believe that their thoughts are true. The three principles of Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought can explain everything about life and our perceived problems. It is the answer to psychiatry and psychology, an examination of the logic of the soul/psyche.

Syd Banks                                                          "Letter to Oprah"



Universal Thought is the guide that lets us be thinking creatures going through this world


Universal Mind is the intelligence of all things whether in form or formless

Universal Consciousness is the gift that allows us to see creation and all it entails



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For any questions you have, you can reach me here:

Dr Margo Livingston

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