7 Day Health Detox

If getting your body  & mind fit and healthy is something you want to kick start 2020, then our complete mind and body health detox is perfect for you. 


Escape, slow down, unblock your energy and embrace a new sense of total wellbeing and happiness to set you on the path to perfect health - mind, body and soul. From this place of peace, solutions to any problems or dilemmas will become obvious and your path will be visualised with focus and clarity


Located at the Luxurious Villa "Villa Paradise"in Valencia, Spain, you will be part of a tight knit family experience where we will work our bodies into natural fitness through gentle exercise and help prepare nutritional meals together, teaching you healthy sustainable life practices. This intensive program integrates healthy cuisine, rejuvenating healing treatments, and mindful movement.


Escape the daily stressors so you are best equipped to to immerse yourself in the natural healing process. Exercise next to the sea, walk along endless sandy beaches, or realx in our private pool, enjoy your tailored personal training programme in our private gym, overlooking the pool with beautifully landscaped garden and enjoy the views from our secluded roof garden. Extracurricular activities will be available to tailor your experience, such as fishing, painting, gardening, yoga, karting, quad biking.


If you are ready to recharge and re-energise your body, mind and soul then contact us now to secure your place for this personal rejuvenation programme. The option of an extended two week stay is available for a longer detox. 


This retreat is for those seeking a complete revamp of a stressful life, recovery from illness or, in recovery from addiction, who are no longer using addictive substances and this will be a prerequisite of attendance. 

The 7 Day Detox Includes

  • VIP Airport Transfers 

  • 8 Nights Accomodation in our Luxury Villa 

  • 7 Day Healthy Detox Menu

  • Daily Qi Gong, swimming, personal training and therapy treatments

  • Optional sports activities